Piano Hands

I have infinite respect for all musicians who collaborated on the Laura and Autumn Waltz projects. We had fun, and the musical result reflected a sum larger than the parts. Synergistic models always win.

For more information on some of the local musicians and individuals involved in these projects, follow the links below.



Tom Grant

Bill Beach

Nancy King

Performance Schedule
My performance schedule varies. If you would like to hear me play, please send an email.


Examples of My Tune Styles:


  1. Chalice
  2. Degas
  3. Janet Rae
  4. Sweet Blues
  5. Waltz Treat
  6. I Go
  7. August Air
  8. Spirit Speak
  9. Release
  10. Heart of the Rose
    Dedicated to
    the Memory of
    Dr. Richard W. Olmsted
  11. East Meets West
  12. Cool Changes
  13. When We Waltz
  14. Heart’s Home
  15. Foolish Dreams
  16. Bein’
  17. Wishing Well
  18. Over the Moon
  19. Vision
    Dedicated to
    the Memory of
    Elwood B. Hedberg
  20. Spiritus
    Dedicated to
    the Memory of
    Roland W. Mersereau
  21. All Thanks to Thee
  22. Sunlight on Snow
    Dedicated to
    the Memory of Laura
    Mersereau Pressnall
  23. Restless
  24. Le Petit Enfant
    See credits on
    Autumn Waltz CD
  25. June
    Dedicated to
    the Memory of
    June Mersereau Lee

Tracks 1–5:
Brad Mersereau – Piano, Composer
Phil Baker – Bass
Ron Steen – Drums
Steve Christofferson – Producer

Track 6:
Valerie Day – Vocalist
Steve Christofferson – Piano

Tracks 7–10:
Phil Baker – Producer/Arranger/Instrumentalist

Tracks 11–17, 22, 23 & 25:
Tom Grant – Producer/Arranger/Instrumentalist

Track 17:
David Evans – Saxophone

Track 18:
Tom Grant – Producer/Arranger/Instrumentalist/Cowriter

Track 19:
Steve Christofferson – Producer
David E. Nelsen – Choral Conductor
Elwood Hedberg – Lyrics

Track 20:
Steve Christofferson – Producer
David E. Nelsen – Choral Conductor

Track 21:
Steve Christofferson – Producer
Carolyn Coefield – Vocalist
Matthew Smith – Vocalist